Dre Smith is originally born in Tyler, Tx. He graduated from Tyler Lee High school (2004). He was awarded a full athletic scholarship to attend Texas A&M University spending full time as a student athlete studying Kinesiology. After spending his life in sports and training, Dre knew he wanted a career in the fitness industry. He is a full time Certified person/group Trainer. He’s also a certified boot camp/TRX instructor. He started His group training career with Tread Fitness in 2015 and since then Tread has been known as “the best workout in Dallas”. Dre has nothing but pure passion & commitment for the client and he makes sure that each client reaches their fitness goals the quickest and safest way possible. Sidenote: Dre was voted “Most Motivational Trainer” 2016 by the StudioHop Community.


Brittny is our Sales & Marketing Manager and has been with Tread since 2015. She is responsible for the day to day operations at Tread and does everything from managing client accounts, developing our social media and managing our front desk. Brittny grew up in Arlington, TX and loves to spend her spare time reading, enjoying the company of friends/loved ones or watching superhero movies…seriously, she’s addicted to anything comic book related.


Chantelle’s family owned a gym in her hometown, so fitness was a part of her life from a very young age. She has been training for 4 years and her professional background spans from sports marketing to teaching & coaching. Chantelle is completely motivated by her clients. You guys inspire her with your hard work, dedication and growth! The community aspect of training is what Chantelle’s loves about her career. She believes that fitness is WAY more fun with friends! Chantelle is also in love with heavy lifting; so when you come to her class, be prepared to get strong!


Christopher has been a personal trainer for the last two years. The pursuit of health and fitness inspired Christopher to move past his professional executive sales career, in turn creating a highly motivated and unique approach to training which today allows him to help others reach their full fitness potential. In addition to training, Christopher is focused on furthering his authentic sense of self through spirituality, health, fitness, and most important spending time with his
7 -year-old daughter. Christopher also finds time to participate in competitive obstacle race competitions, (ask him about it). His approach and philosophy achieves the realization that physical fitness creates the opportunity to better process and cope with life’s daily challenges, as well as, providing a foundation for confidence in self.
When you hit the training, “WALL”, Christopher teaches and believes reaching inside self, you find the fuel to respond, overcome, and advance through the end of a workout.


Cody started his fitness journey working out in a group setting with his wife about 4 years ago and they fell in love with the environment, group mentality and the family of friends that they gained along the way as well. The R.A.W. Training for Warriors program truly sparked his passion for this industry as it became a part of who he was and how he lived my life each day.  His coach Scott was truly inspiring and always made him feel like he could push myself far beyond the limits he had set over the years. Cody has now been a Group Fitness Instructor for almost 2 years and counting and will continue to change lives well into the future.

He truly loves the fitness industry as it allows him to help people completely transform their lives. He has always been drawn to helping others as he has previously been a Firefighter and an EMT. Training allows him to fulfill this passion with every single class that he teaches. Cody’s clients are a huge motivation for him as well as he loves to hear their success stories and see their bodies change right before his eyes.  As a trainer he gets to meet a wide variety of people which makes every single day different and exciting as he learns what his clients love and hate about working out allowing him to better his workouts for future classes.


Sarah Anees is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. She received her Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Texas at Arlington. While in school she focused researching the physiological traits of children with developmental coordination disorder.  After graduation she has been pursuing a career in medical sales. She has been a group exercise instructor for three years and is passionate about helping people improve their lives through fitness. Her qualifications include the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and TRX certifications.  The combination of HIIT and strength training is one of her favorite formats to teach. She loves to focus on form; you will never take a class without hearing about proper form!