Our namesake program:  TREAD

Every TREAD workout is aimed at jump-starting both your metabolism and overall fitness level. Our one-hour, high energy group classes are comprised of muscle-toning and strength-building exercises interspersed with 10- or 15-minute treadmill intervals to boost your cardiovascular stamina and lean you out. Want those elusive abs? We’ve got a class for that. Craving killer arms? We’ve got a class for that, too. How about a tight backside? Our Glutes to Calves class has you covered.

When we TREAD, there’s no small talk and no downtime. Just results. Our TREAD trainers bring their unique style and exercises to each class along with heart-pumping rock/pop playlists. No class is ever the same, but every class will take your workout to the next level.

We know there’s no shortcut to body transformation.  But there is a better way to get there.  TREAD with us.